High-performance teams

Our people. Your people. One team. Capability Plus builds high performance teams by combining the strengths of your staff, our consultants, and our partners into a single unified and effective team.


Many companies pay lip service to the importance of teams. At Capability Plus Solutions, teamwork and partnership are part of our core values and fundamental to everything we do. We believe in creating high-performance teams that join our consultants, our partners, and our clients together in a joint commitment to succeed.

High-Performance Teams

High-performance teams share joint ownership and joint responsibility for the team's success. Each member of a high-performance team is accountable for the ultimate outcome of the project, and each member is willing to take on whatever role is necessary to ensure that the team reaches its goals. Rather than relying on a single leader to drive the team forward, high-performance teams jointly own the mission and direction of the group. This enables every member to contribute directly to the project and to make and live up to team commitments.

Our Methodology

According to Steve Denning (author of "The Secret Language of Leadership"), high-performance teams make up only 2% of all teams in the workplace. It is obvious that high-performance teams do not spontaneously occur. But successfully forming them &emdash; and keeping them together &emdash; is key to our tradition of success.

By forming each project team around a core of Capability Plus Solutions professionals who are experienced and committed to our values, clients and other partners unfamiliar with working in a high-performance team are introduced into an environment where trust, responsibility, and commitment are embraced from inception. As members become more comfortable in the shared commitment of a high-performance team, there is a perceptible change in the group dynamic as individuals begin to thrive in the empowerment fostered by the team. We have many examples of the transformation that occurs as members make commitments to the team, meet those commitments, and pick each other up along the way. The combination of a high-trust environment and a strong team record of success is a tremendous motivator. That motivation is coupled with Capability Plus Solutions' leadership in process, architecture, and project management methodologies, producing high-performance teams that deliver and succeed together.

Teamwork and partnership are not just concepts that apply inside of our company. To consistently deliver success to our clients, we work closely with key partners within the industry. These partners complement and enhance our ability to provide our clients with the best possible solutions and share our commitment to teamwork and doing software right.

Management Team

Chris Piepenbring
Chris Piepenbring - PMP, CSM
President / Chief Architect

Mr. Piepenbring's 25 years of software development experience ranges from slinging code for a defense contractor to leading the development of an end-to-end domain name registration system to crafting the enterprise architecture for two dozen operational systems at the Pentagon. Building robust, maintainable architectures; agile, adaptable processes; and strong, team-oriented project management is what has driven Mr. Piepenbring's career and inspired him to found Capability Plus Solutions. A practitioner as well as a thinker, he leads the company from the front lines, where he is hands-on every day with clients and a key member of several project teams.

Eric Lieu
Eric Lieu - PMP, CSM
Principal Consultant

Mr. Lieu has 15 years of hands on experience in all phases and disciplines of the software development lifecycle. As an architect and developer, he has delivered custom solutions to complex issues for a wide variety of clients ranging from e-commerce to education to DoD. Mr. Lieu has elicited and documented end user requirements, and written and executed test scripts to ensure the delivery of quality software. As a project manager, he has leveraged agile and other iterative methodologies to consistently deliver systems on time and under budget. Mr. Lieu has enabled the delivery of multiple solutions by ensuring that skilled personnel are in the right place and given the proper resources to execute to their full potential.