Experience plus technology

At Capability Plus Solutions, our core competencies run across the full software lifecycle. We understand technology and have the experience to put it to use.


Problem solving isn't hard. It's about listening and understanding, then bringing experience and core competencies to bear on the problem. Capability Plus has the experience and the core competencies to solve any problem in the software space, and we seek out the most challenging and demanding opportunities. We succeed - every time - and we have a long list of referencable clients and projects to back up our claims.

Clients of Capability Plus Solutions

Headquarters Air Force

Capability Plus Solutions has been engaged at the Headquarters Air Force (HAF) in Arlington, VA since 2008. Our consultants have led the effort to develop an enterprise architecture solution across the organizational portfolio and a service-based framework that led to a 40% reduction in development time. We have partnered with the client and other companies to create high-performance agile teams of contractors and DoD civilians that have pioneered Sharepoint deployment in the HAF, built web applications to automate mission-essential business processes, tackled performance and scalability issues on deployment platforms, and rearchitected decades old legacy systems into modern web-based technologies. At the same time, our consultants have been instrumental in creating a repeatable, robust, and agile software development process that has earned the organization recognition as a model for efficient in-house software development within the Air Force.

National Cancer Institute

Capability Plus Solutions has provided enterprise and project level architectural support to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Bioinformatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) since 2008. Our consultants are an integral part of the Composite Architecture Team which leads the architecture governance and direction for all life sciences projects in CBIIT. In addition, our teaming model was critical in building several high-performance project teams to address interoperability within the CBIIT application portfolio. As the architectural core of development teams comprised of multiple companies and NCI employees, our consultants drove the successful delivery of a series of applications that provide semantically rich queries across a distributed grid of cancer research information. As part of these efforts, we managed geographically dispersed teams of developers, introducing agile techniques and repeatable processes to reduce release deployment time from 9 months to 6 weeks.

Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Capability Plus Solutions has provided enterprise and information architecture support to the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) since 2010. Our consultants are leading the effort to harmonize the clinical and research electronic medical records for millions of patients across a consortium of hospitals and researchers in the National Capitol Region. This effort requires an understanding of not just the complex technical mappings between large numbers of disparate data repositories, but also the complex governance processes involved in sharing medical record information between organizations. Our teaming model has proved to be ideal in this environment, enabling cross-discipline and cross-organizational teams to effective operate despite differing goals and constraints.

Success Stories

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Core Competencies

While our consultants can take on any role within the software development lifecycle, there are several areas where we bring unique perspectives and vast experience...

Project Management

Project management is more than just directing the team and monitoring their progress. Capability Plus has certified, seasoned project managers who can pragmatically apply their knowledge and years of experience to directly drive success.

Enterprise Architecture

Pretty diagrams are great, but a true software architect is not just a theorist. Capability Plus provides software architects who can design quality, performant, and buildable systems, communicate that design, and lead its delivery.

Process Coaching (Agile, RUP)

Too often, coaches train, document, and move on - leaving an organization with more documentation, but not necessarily any wiser. Capability Plus improves your process from the inside - as part of your development teams - tailoring and maturing the process to fit your organization.

Business Analysis

To effectively automate your business, you must know your processes. Capability Plus helps you understand your business workflow without the heavy cost of overdocumenting it.

Configuration Management

As processes get more agile, maintaining effective code and documentation baselines becomes more critical. Capability Plus has proven experience with the processes, tools, and governance aspects of CM and can apply it to your organization.

Development / Implementation

Implementation best practices, languages, and frameworks are evolving at lightning speed. Capability Plus has built and maintained systems in Java EE, ColdFusion, C#/.NET, PHP, Python, and too many frameworks to name.