Capability Plus Solutions to develop next-generation data search service

June 12, 2014   25 views


Capability Plus Solutions has been awarded a contract to develop a next-generation RESTful middleware service for LexisNexis. The service will simplify and greatly improve time-to-market for system integrators and other consumers of LexisNexis News and Business data. Capability Plus Solutions will design, build, and maintain the middleware including a full set of developer documentation available to LexisNexis customers.

The contract was awarded based on a proposal put forth by Capability Plus Solutions and their partner Palantir Technologies. Palantir and LexisNexis have a long history of providing data collections and analysis tools to commercial and government organizations. Capability Plus Solutions has partnered with Palantir since 2013.

This contract marks the third new contract win for Capability Plus Solutions in a two month period - all with commercial clients. Capability Plus Solutions has focused on diversification into commercial contracts and the LexisNexis contract continues their success in this area.

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